Thank you for purchasing from for any support questions please visit Please note the flex slider will work in the weebly preview window and on the live website, but not in the weebly dashboard. To add images to the home page flex slider - First you have to upload your slider images, in the files section over to the left click - add new file(s) There are 3 slides by default, name your new images slide-1.jpg, slide-2.jpg, slide-3.jpg then upload to weebly (the previous images with the same names will be overwritten) the flex slider image sizes are : 1280px wide x 430px height the image width can be 1280px and wider you can activate more slides, go to flex-slider.html over to the left - line 85 for further instruction. From the weebly dashboard drag over the weebly html code widget into the slides area, then paste in the individual caption codes. With the captions you can increase or decrease the marging-top:2%; and margin-bottom:1%; to align the captions vertically, basically this will add and remove spacing between each caption. you can also align the caption centrally by changing text-align:left; to text-align:center;
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Where ever you see i class in the html code, you can change the icon to what ever you want please refer to for the list of icons available simply change the word "fa-globe" to your new icon "fa-file" for example
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change the word "fa-download" to your new icon "fa-file" for example add your button link href="http://INSERT LINK"
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